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 +[[//​www.youtube.com/​embed/​jjNXFQVL-zA|external site]]You may well consider a thing like Melissa & Doug's activity table. -Doug-Deluxe-Wooden-Multi-Activity/​dp/​B000IMQ40U It is wonderful for trains, but when trains get boring the table can be applied for play-doh, or art, or even kitchen play....and it keeps all that stuff off the floor! We have a [[https://​www.treasury.gov/​about/​education|extremely]] little play kitchen and this table, and if I had to pick one particular, the table would win!
 +Thank you for the tips and overview. My son loves playing with his [[http://​healthandwelfare.Idaho.gov/​LinkClick.aspx?​link=http://​www.cwla.org|generic train]] set, but we unfortunately reside in modest apartment. We don't have the space, or the money, to buy a table for him. We just break out the tracks and play on the floor. For the reason that we do have a pet, we have to place all the pieces back immediately after we're completed. Although, I haven'​t though about employing his other blocks to enhance his building practical experience. It is some thing we'll surely have to try!
 +I have a train table and the geo trax train set for my 2 year old and he LOVES it. The a single recommendation I would make is to make confident it will fit in the dimensions you have. I bought a single and whilst the table is fantastic...it takes over my son's space. I was so focused on obtaining 1 that would be major sufficient to put the train set on that I didn't take that into account. Silly mom!
 +This is my daughter'​s first train set and she loves it. Even though I had to place it with each other for her given that she's only two & 1/two, an older kid could have performed it considering that instructions are image-based. three other configurations are also included, so kids can tear down the existing design and develop a different when they get bored. The possibilities are endless contemplating that [[http://​fourwingedstudio.com/​forum/​index.php/​18536-best-table-top-train-set/​0|additional]] pieces can be added and a a single of a sort railway can be constructed. This is not a fancy train set, but the pieces are durable and will withstand a lot of play. The addition of clips may hold the train tracks with each other greater as they are a small loose.
 +We just make tracks flat on the ground. The towers fall very easily and my two and four year olds knock it down inside seconds of attempting to play. They do fantastic with non elevated tracks and play for pretty a lot of time making the track into different shapes and paths. They like the road signs as nicely.