(Image: http://www.quadratec.com/Assets/Images/130577/130577-lg.jpg)I dwell in Seattle, and it truly is been raining for about a month and a half straight now. Stock wiper blades on my '03 Honda Accord are not negative, but they are having outdated.

Improved would be links to internet sites or content articles that independently compare and evaluation them in accordance to qualitative measures, especially as it relates to heavy use & rain (as opposed to snow, I guess, which we don't get substantially of)… or message-boards or subjects that deal with this concern.

The tricky cover's hinges do the job independently of the hinges in the wiper frame, which allows the blade to flex so that it conforms properly to the shape of your windshield. Due to the fact the wiper makes constant make contact with with your windshield along the length of the blade, it can absolutely remove sleet, rain, and snow with no missed spots.