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 +The Bird AR Drone helicopters consist of two cameras. Initial camera is fitted at the front end and it is 93 levels wide. This camcorder has capability of recording photographs at 15 fps price. These photos are repaid to interface, with  [[http://​Estatestogo.us/​how-to-uncover-the-correct-drone/​|Control Quadcopter]] a wi-fi network. An  [[http://​i-dolphin.com/​echat/​blog/​view/​32251/​where-to-buy-quadcopter|quadcopter]] Apple organization ipod device or iPhone operates as a remote manage user interface. A pilot, who keeps the Apple iPhone, views the pictures sent by the very first camera. These pictures are transferred instantly enabling pilot to find out exactly where his copter is, at that fairly moment. This also aids pilot in managing his helicopter precisely. The pictures are noticed on [[http://​www.nasa.gov/​centers/​langley/​multimedia/​iotw-quadcopter_prt.htm|iPhone touch]] screen in VGA quality. The usage of touch screen enables pilot to use his controls much better and lead to reduced exhaustion to his fingertips than the regular stick controls. The handles on touchscreen are additionally super straightforward to [[http://​Blogs.Usda.gov/​2015/​07/​06/​drones-can-be-deadly-for-wildland-firefighters/​|operate]] and anybody can understand them swiftly. The use of iPhone to use the helicopter is not a restriction but an benefit. The computing capability of the iPhone gives successful heads up interface which is essential to operate the copter.
 +(Image: [[http://​smashingdrones.com/​wp-content/​uploads/​2015/​11/​drone-racing-quadcopter-250x250.jpg|http://​smashingdrones.com/​wp-content/​uploads/​2015/​11/​drone-racing-quadcopter-250x250.jpg]])The pilot comes with an alternative of controlling where the camera is pointing. The camera could be transformed by him path side to side or backwards and forwards, by [[http://​mydronechoice.cabanova.com|dragging]] his finger on his iPhone touchscreen essentially. By controlling the accelerometer option on the iPhone, pilot can improve or down his copter. He is in a position to in addition switch the direction of his helicopter by steering his hands inside a path he wants simply. By making use of these alternatives,​ a pilot can take his aircraft wherever he wants. This is extremely useful in spying. The autopilot function of the helicopter will be of fantastic support. When pilot removes his fingers from managing iPhone, the copter switches into autopilot hovers and mode at its present location.
 +Once the user puts his fingers back about iPhone and begins steering it, the copter comes into manual control mode. This will save it from crashing. All these functions of sophisticated controlling system of Parrot AR Drone Helicopters have created them fairly unique and special.