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 +(Image: [[https://​storage.googleapis.com/​imgfave/​image_cache/​147641721569448.jpg|https://​storage.googleapis.com/​imgfave/​image_cache/​147641721569448.jpg]])bamboo stake - http://​bamboocreasian9.blogspot.com/​2013/​03/​diy-bamboo-patio-fencing-bamboo-fencing.html. A node is one of the joints in the bamboo pole that looks like a knee and divides the cane into segments. It is used primarily by seasoned craftsmen who use the bamboo to make furniture and very complex handicrafts. This is done by shoving the rebar in and out of the bamboo pole on one end, then the other. Application of the heat acts as a stain on the bamboo and gives it a warm, coffee color. The lignin and pectin in the bamboo becomes soft and pliable allowing you to more easily mold the bamboo. Hit the bamboo with the side of your hand or the side of the small shovel to move the sand all the way to the bottom of the pole.(Image:​ [[http://​www.bamboocreasian.com/​js/​images/​bamboopole/​5.jpg|http://​www.bamboocreasian.com/​js/​images/​bamboopole/​5.jpg]])