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external pageOur judges loved the C&L method, offering it the highest complete subjective score. Set up, Durability, and Excellent have been practically ideal. Scores had been down some for Value, likely due to the higher first value of obtaining it with the Predator or obtaining just the CAI and including a custom tune.

Honker Best Cold Air Intake For Chevy 6.0 Air Induction Techniques constantly exhibit pretty higher mass-airflow costs with a minimum of turbulence, allowing a higher volume of inlet air for enhanced energy. A critical component to the merchandise is its unidirectional air path. The absence of abrupt adjustments in air route, as discovered in other patterns, facilitates air movement. From the outer surface of the air-filter component to the throttle physique, the inlet air has a brief, direct path.

Here's a hyperlink to a 18 in depth dyno runs comparing the stock consumption, no consumption at all and an aftermarket cowl consumption. Intake Manifold Thermal Gasket by Weapon-R®. Consumption Manifold Thermal Gasket by Weapon-R®. Get additional horsepower and torque just be replacing your consumption manifold gasket. Phase three: Eliminate the press in grommets with a little flat screwdriver from the Best Air Filter For Fuel Economy duct in the fender. We'll pull this out later. Brilliant intake. Fits up terrific, and sounds great The instructions could be a minor additional in-depth, but it was all superior.