Have been on the edge of buying a new, sturdy ice chest. Have read qt appeared testimonials and comments on each K2 & YETI coolers. Just asking yourself if anybody owns a K2 and is it tough enough to stand and fish on top rated of like a YETI?! I know you get what you pay for but if the K2 is just as durable, then I am going to give it a try.

(Image: https://images.bonanzastatic.com/afu/images/3352/1593/21/s-l1600_thumb200.jpg)The Corona Beer Cooler is a excellent obtain for beer lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and even the family man who just wants to enjoy a cold bottle of beer anytime, anywhere. If you cannot drag your modest beverage Greatest Constructed In Beverage Cooler Evaluations with you then this is a excellent decision.

external siteThe Ideal Portable Swamp Cooler Testimonials Pelican ProGear line of coolers also perform very nicely for a cooler on your boat. It has feet that will not slide and they are created to not leave skid marks. This is great for use on a boat exactly where you may perhaps get a lot of movement from the waves. To get the full evaluation and rewards please read my best marine coolers critique.