(Image: http://st.hzcdn.com/fimgs/aff1fe3805ae7d45_4303-w233-h233-b1-p10--rustic-coolers-and-ice-chests.jpg)I'm in the marketplace for a bomb proof ice chest. I am hunting for an ice chest for both cook outs, beach days, weekend camping trips, AND for hurricane preparedness. Soon after Hurricane Iniki here in 1992 (It was Sept 11 btw…) Kauai did not have electricity entirely reestablished for 3 months. It wasn't fun. Getting a excellent ice chest is crucial. I want one that is significant, and that will survive lets just call them…rigorous circumstances.

My experiences with this solution, so far, are fully consistent with the manufacturer's claims. It is flexible, like other dry bags, and fits into the rear hatch of our Pygmy Arctic Terns also either in the front hatch, or on the back deck of my Native Watercraft Manta Ray fishing kayak.

Supplied in four various colors ranging from red to gray, this device holds as numerous as 16 cans and utilizes a zipper enclosure. It also includes a significant zipper pocket in the front and a mesh pocket on the upper inside of the lid. For extra added storage side pockets are also out there.