I was considering about getting my very first YETI cooler until I study user testimonials about the RTIC (ie. Artic) cooler. Supposedly the RTIC cooler is better than the YETI cooler at half the expense of the YETI cooler.

Pelican emphasizes water tightness with the Pro-Gear Elite cooler. The polyethylene shell combines with a freezer-grade gasket to type one particular of the strongest and most water-resistant products among our contenders. Two inches of ultra-thick polyurethane insulation help provide exceptional ice retention.

Yeti coolers have a reputation of getting really sturdy, period. A well known decision with hunters and fishermen although certainly not limited to them, Yeti ice chests are created to withstand the highest of Hills and lowest of Vales. The Yeti Tundra cooler line even functions bear-proof lid locks (Red Riding Hood, any one?) for these ready to tackle the Most effective Camping Cooler Evaluations adventurous outdoors knowledge.

The Tundra series is obtainable is many sizes. The smallest size is a 20 quart and the largest is 420 quarts. They have a size that will fit your needs and price range. View frozen foods the photos below to study about the very best and most durable of these coolers that this particular market has to offer. At the end of the day, if a cooler keeps its items cold then that's all that matters. Having said that, you may well demand distinct functions from your cooler, which is exactly where your due diligence will come into play. It also has molded-in tie-downs so that the ice chest can be safely secured whilst you are transporting it around. In truth, there are very a couple of fascinating 1 star unfavorable critiques of YETI coolers that any person even thinking about getting a YETI really should read Before buying.