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Standing behind their assertion that these substitute blades are superior to other folks in the market, Specialty Silicone delivers a 5 12 months warranty on the blades - which was heretofore unheard of for this item segment! Odds are, OEM (unique equipment producer) blades will provide a superior match, so locate out what form of wipers the producer put on your vehicle at the factory. Your neighborhood dealership must have this information and facts if you can not discover it elsewhere. Get the Web's finest every day automotive newsletter! We'll e-mail you the latest automotive information every day.

Bosch make a comparable declare on their site and product or service packaging also. In neither case does it appear to be real. My test car or truck was my Honda Component, which in theory helps make a superior check rig since its windscreen is not quite curved at all. Both the driver- and passenger-side blade are 20-inch products. The blades were simple enough to install, making use of the virtually universal j-clip style mount and they unquestionably search the component the moment put in. But when you wipe, you get a extremely odd result.