(Image: http://i2.wp.com/www.healthcarewell.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/diet-women-healthcarewell.jpg?fit=300,300)Disclaimer: This post is geared towards girls, but as you may possibly have been able to tell by Testimonials For The Venus Factor name Dick, I am not a lady. I am basing the The Venus Factor Is It A Con following on the hundreds of girls that I've coached and the patterns that I've seen. I empathize with lots of of these concerns and have believed deeply about them as a coach, but I'm in no way going to claim that I have lived by means of them. I am, on the other hand, hoping that I can use my experiences to assistance you.

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external frameKhattab's programme, referred to as Itelala (Views), is broadcast on public television's Channel Two just about every Friday at 9pm. It reflects on the social and cultural events of the past week, with guests generally invited to the studio. I have a extended history of incredibly prosperous programmes and my place will be empty if I leave my programme as the result of this,“ she said.